Learning Organizations

Recognizing the learning and expertise gained when conducting multiple trials, BetaGov will designate
agencies with 10 or more RCTs (Randomized Controlled Trials) as “Learning Organizations.” These
agencies will serve as potential trainers for other agencies looking to test their own programs, practices, and processes by sharing their knowledge and providing peer-to- peer assistance and lessons learned. BetaGov endorses the idea of “snowball” learning- that is, allowing agencies to promote and generate interest in the idea of home-grown, rapid-cycle learning.

To be successful learning organizations, an agency must have a strong commitment by top-level
leadership to support and encourage testing at all levels of the organization. The agency must provide
opportunities for staff and clients to suggest methods for potential improvements, and staff and clients must feel comfortable about submitting ideas for testing. The agency must also be actively engaged in identifying positive avenues for implementation.